giant replica of the Adidas ZX1000 Joint Path





To set an example against excluding sneaker collaborations, HORNBACH created the Sneakerpool: A single giant replica of an iconic Adidas sneaker with an integrated whirlpool – the first limited edition to be enjoyed by everyone.

The Challenge

Sneaker collaborations are marked by price gouging, low quality and artificial scarcity. In order to set an example against these harmful trends, HORNBACH initiated a sneaker collaboration like no other.

The Solution

Together with Adidas and the sneaker store 43einhalb, HORNBACH built a giant replica of the Adidas ZX1000 Joint Path with an integrated whirlpool using HORNBACH materials. We then did the unheard of – made this exclusive sneaker available to everyone, for free.

The Results

At the time of its launch, the “Sneakerpool” was HORNBACH’s biggest social media campaign in the brand’s history. It reached a younger audience not normally associated with DIY stores. 92% of viewers were younger than 45 and 46% were younger than 25.

In total, the campaign generated more than 60 million impressions on social media. It was also discussed in fashion magazines and blogs not only in Germany and Central Europe, but also in regions far beyond HORNBACH’s market reach like Thailand, Greece and the U.S., totaling more than 3 million views across 82 publications. 


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