Golden Muscular Figure with Slim Jim Packaging as its head. Next to it reads

The CEO of Verified Comments

Slim Jim



Slim Jim reinvented the ways of TikTok by becoming a creator instead of a brand. By relentlessly engaging and lifting up all fellow creators, Slim Jim gained a cult following and a permanent status inside TikTok as the CEO of verified comments.

The Challenge

In 2018, Slim Jim became a true community and social-first brand, dropping all traditional advertising and moving to Instagram and Twitter. The next task: to launch this “iconic” meat stick onto TikTok.

The TikTok audience is notoriously skeptical of brands and marketing on the platform. There’s a clear preference for human-to-human interaction and attention – particularly from verified creators with big followings and clout. To win, we had to reinvent the way brands engage communities on TikTok.

The Solution

A brand that is a creator. We created the CEO of Verified Comments, a fictional character that runs the Slim Jim TikTok account. The CEO possesses the power and reach of a brand but behaves like a fellow creator. Giving audiences the VERIFIED attention they so much crave.

We engaged with creators of all backgrounds and followings, elevating their content with our brand powers – commenting up to 500 times a day! This in turn shifted the audience’s interest to creating for Slim Jim. To keep it really real, all of our efforts were purely organic with zero paid dollars behind the content or out-bounding.

The Results

Followers in 6 Months
Pieces of User-Generated Content
Average Engagement Compared to the 3.4% Platform Average for Brands

We loved our community and they loved us back. After a mere six months, the result was a symbiotic relationship between Slim Jim’s CEO of Verified Comments and a community of over four million loyal fans and content co-creators.

In 6 months, we gained 4.2 million followers. Additionally, the CEO yielded over 8 million pieces of user generated content, resulting in 1.6 billion views of content on the platform with the #SlimJim tag. Slim Jim our account has an average engagement rate of 15%, as compared to the 3.4% average engagement rate for brand accounts on TikTok. 


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