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In Australia when you’re learning to drive you place an ‘L’ (for learner) plate on your car. What if we could create a plate for drivers returning after trauma? 

The Challenge

Despite mental health and trauma being hot topics, society was not acknowledging psychological trauma arising from incidents on the road.

Other automotive companies hadn’t considered the impact of psychological trauma on road users, which left mycar Tyre & Auto, who’s brand purpose is ‘people first’, perfectly positioned to be the first to talk about it.

The Solution

We created R (Return) plates – a plate to recognize drivers returning to the road after a car accident.

R plates point out a problem that had otherwise been ignored in society and encourage those who have suffered from road trauma to seek help. Each plate has a QR code, connecting drivers with psychological support wherever they need it.

The physical plate communicates the issue in real time and where it matters most: the road.

The Results

Pieces of coverage
of Australians said R Plates would have helped them return to the road after their incident

The campaign sparked a national conversation. On TikTok alone, dozens of UGC posts attracted nearly 5 million views with a 10.9% engagement rate.

mycar website traffic was up 56%, and R Plates available for order ran out in the first 48 hours.

Following the initial launch, Australia’s top insurance and car sales companies publicly supported R Plates.


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