Hi Toilet is the world’s first contactless toilet, born in August 2021 as part of “THE TOKYO TOILET,” by Shibuya Ward, Tokyo to reimagine public restrooms. What we’ve designed is a voice-activated toilet experience that is 100% hands free. What’s notable about this toilet is that it is a public installation designed to be universally accessible as a physical and interactive experience. The final design was completed through repeated trial and error in order to create the most user-friendly public restroom experience. The circular design was developed from an aerodynamic engineering perspective that prevents odors from lingering. A high-powered fan automatically replaces the air in the room in 60 seconds after each use before the next user enters.

The system is equipped with multi-directional microphones designed for acoustics, a PC connected to the Internet, and proprietary software that uses Google and Apple APIs so the user can speak voice commands from any position in the restroom.


As soon as it was launched in 2021, the campaign saw positive sentiment from users on social media in Japan and abroad, as a unique and new toilet experience with its hands-free and safe UI and the impactful white dome design. When Tokyo was ranked 10th in TimeOut magazine’s “2021 World’s Best Cities”, Hi Toilet was named as one of the contributing factors.