Co-op, like all supermarkets, is a massive contributor when it comes to soft plastics. Whether it’s cling film or crisp packets, these things are necessary but notoriously difficult to recycle. 

Co-op wanted to put a stop to that. Together with Lucky Generals, they set about launching a new soft plastic recycling scheme, rolled out across over two thousand stores up and down the UK. The biggest rollout of its kind. Crisp packets, bread bags, single use carrier bags and bags for life, yoghurt pots, biscuit wrappers and pet food pouches. All of this, once destined for landfill, could now be recycled just around the corner at your local Co-op. Our objectives were twofold: make Co-op’s scheme famous and then get people bringing their soft plastics to our stores for recycling.  


The campaign was a record success for a Co-op campaign with the reach up 390% and engagement up 120% compared to the average performance for Co-op content on social channels. On top of this, soft plastics was a trending conversation on social media for every single day that the campaign was live. 

The campaign encouraged 14,000 co-op members to visit the online platform to learn more about soft plastic recycling at their local Co-op. In fact, members took to the recycling scheme with such enthusiasm that a third of Co-op stores involved in the scheme were required to empty their recycling units daily due to the demand.  

The campaign also received praise and recognition in national press, and most importantly of all, contributed to a total reduction of 1,438 tonnes of plastic outside of Co-op’s own produce, as when it comes to doing good, everyone’s welcome at Co-op.