The film, “Love, Lawyers and The Government” highlights an all-too-familiar parenting scenario – answering your child’s question of “where do babies come from?” and tells a new version from the eyes of an LGBTQ+ couple. The father highlights just some of the extensive hurdles LGBTQ+ parents face when trying to form a family through the lighthearted lens of a bedtime story. He shares the information in terms his son can understand using toys and action figures and even calling up friends and lawyers to help paint a picture of the numerous challenges that can arise within the process. He touches on adoption, surrogacy, second parent applicants, legal hurdles, financial burdens and more – all to find that his son’s friend told him babies come from vaginas. The film resolves with a call to action to learn.


The film garnered attention from media publications and high profile influencers such as Jennifer Aniston who helped spread the film and awareness around Family Equality’s mission and work. On social platforms, the film reached over 525k viewers with Instagram as the primary platform.

Family Equality saw an 88% increase in site traffic in the week after launch. There were 116 unique viewers who visited Family Equality’s action page and of those visitors, 18 people called their Senators to urge passage of the John Lewis Every Child Deserves a Family Act and the Equality Act.