Garden with white text that reads

Let Nature Do the Job




To encourage more sustainable gardening, HORNBACH is asking its customers to do nothing and buy nothing this spring season.

The Challenge

HORNBACH’s dedicated customer base strives for perfection and maintains perfectly curated gardens. But in times of drought and dwindling resources, the classic idea of the perfect garden just isn’t sustainable.

The Solution

To encourage a much-needed rethink, HORNBACH is taking radical action. In spring 2023, the most lucrative season, they are asking customers to do the unthinkable: absolutely nothing.

Instead, gardeners are encouraged to let nature take its course. As the campaign shows, this not only creates rich, ecologically diverse biotopes, but also visually stunning results.

The Results

So far, the campaign has generated over 200 Million impressions online and on TV. Additionally, it started a discussion among gardeners across Europe that initiated a widespread change of perspective. 


R Plates

Man putting an "R" sticker on the back of his car