In the Philippines, Nissan is not perceived to be an innovative car brand, ranking a far number two from the market leader even after the launch of its electric-powered Nissan LEAF. To strengthen its EV leadership, Nissan needed a campaign that embraced its commitment to the environment and sustainable innovation.

To do this, the Nissan LEAF made its way to the province of Bohol, home to endangered species endemic to this island sanctuary. The brand found cause in breathing new life to another leaf:  The dying Philippine art of Leaf Music. 

Nissan launched The Leaf Orchestra, a musical ensemble featuring rare artists who use leaves to play music, an art form discovered by Philippine national artist Levi Celerio. Air blown into a single leaf creates vibrations to produce sound.

The Nissan Leaf Orchestra performed amid endangered local trees with a repertoire that included Deck the Halls, Silent Night, and Clair de Lune. The performance served as a reminder to listen to nature. The films premiered in December during peak car-buying season on Facebook and Youtube, sparking huge interest in the Nissan LEAF.


Online searches for Nissan Electric Cars increased 53% from the campaign, doubling the brand’s share of voice against electric car competitors. The performances gained massive reach with 70% engagement, 1,085,670 PR values and a reach of 1,944,860.

Best of all, the Nissan LEAF Orchestra sparked positive sentiments about Nissan and its commitment to nature and sustainability.