Father and daughter standing in a greenhouse with fake paper snow all around them

Joy is Made


Lucky Generals


Our Amazon Christmas campaign tells a story that proves what we all know: Joy isn’t bought, it’s made. 

The Challenge

The Christmas season is a time for happiness, love and celebrations. This year, we are facing the biggest cost-of-living crisis of our time, meaning many people would not be spending as much this holiday season.

While we anticipated that many of us would have to cut back, make do, and adapt, we knew this would not stop people from enjoying the holidays. They would use their tenacity and inventiveness to make it one to remember.

The Solution

Our Amazon Christmas campaign tells a story that proves what we all already know: Joy isn’t bought, it’s made.

Brought to life by Academy Award winning director, Taika Waititi, we set out to remind people that Amazon plays a humble but important role in making Christmas feel special.

The Results

This ad ran across the globe, making our audience question the perceptions that they usually have about Amazon and highlight the powerful role it plays as a toolbox for ideas. The ad drove a strong emotional response and helped contribute to a successful holiday season for Amazon as a business overall.


The Football Blackout For Human Rights

Man wearing flag at football game that reads "The Football Blackout For Human Rights"