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The Asahi Shimbun



“Journa-Rhythm” is a new idea that disrupts newspaper media – our oldest media – using HipHop music and a brand experience/activation that is so unique it will go down in the history of news media. It provides news through music to Gen Z audiences, a segment divorced from habitual news reading. Podcasts with interviews of artists and journalists are broadcasted to trigger a shift in mindset and outlook on the world for the youth of our nation. 

The Challenge

With voter turnout only 32.5% and newspaper readership 2.5%, Gen Z in Japan has lost touch with society. Their main source of information is social media, leaving them less exposed to news media.

The Asahi Shimbun, a newspaper known for its independent approach to news, took on the challenge of getting an entire generation to listen to what they have to say.

The Solution

Journa-Rhythm – the new kind of news media, reported by journalists and hip-hop artists. The artists reacted to the articles in the newspaper and their thoughts were made into tracks which were shared on social media.

We also released a podcast that featured the artists and newspaper journalists deep diving into the meaning behind the songs. In response to the news headlines, we answered with a punchline that encouraged an open dialogue on the social issues.

The Results

Podcast downloads
Download on Apple Podcast and #1 podcast channel in newspapers
Conversation started on new topics

These voices reached the youth in a way that transcended cultures, socioeconomics and even generations. Through the power of music, we were able to make social issues relevant to the younger generation.


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