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The Inverroche Bee&Bee is a limited edition gin packaging that goes beyond being an environmentally friendly solution. It is a regenerative one.

The Challenge

Solitary bees are essential for pollinating one third of the world’s food crops, including the rare Fynbos botanical from which Inverroche’s gin is made. Without them, we would all cease to exist.

Unlike the more well-known honey bee, solitary bees don’t live in hives – they live in naturally occurring holes found in their environment. However, due to rapid urbanization and agricultural practices, their nesting grounds are disappearing rapidly, which puts global food security at risk.

The Solution

To protect their pollinating partners, Inverroche has designed a first-of-its-kind gin packaging that doubles as a bee hotel.

Bee hotels are man-made structures that mimic solitary bees’ nesting environments. Inverroche has developed an innovative way to incorporate this into the brand’s packaging, turning what would otherwise be waste into nesting grounds for bees that inhabit holes instead of hives.

The Inverroche Bee & Bee has a modular design system sturdy enough to house gin in a retail environment, but simple enough for customers to reassemble into fully functioning bee hotels. Additionally, the production process has minimal environmental impact.

The Results

With the first phase of the product limited to 6000 units, and each unit having 112 holes, Inverroche has already provided accommodation for 672,000 guests. We project to accommodate over 2.9 million more guests in phases two and three.

Beyond that, Pernod Ricard will be using the Bee&Bee as a global benchmark for sustainable and conscious packaging across their entire portfolio, challenging their other brands to match its level of impact.


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