To discourage tourists from going to vulnerable locations, we troll the most popular review platforms such as Google and TripAdvisor. We have posted negative reviews on each selected destination to make them undesirable online. The Hate To Protect campaign has allowed Guides Tao to reach three different targets.

First, we discouraged tourists from visiting vulnerable places with our negative comments.

Second, we reached the general public by publicizing the operation and spreading it via a PR campaign. In this way, we increased brand awareness for Guides Tao and made the general public more aware of responsible and respectful tourism.

Finally, we enabled Internet users to act and be part of the campaign through the platform.


During the Hate To Protect operation, more than 3,200 comments were posted, several hundreds of which were written and submitted by Internet users. The campaign has resulted in 36 sites being sustainably protected and a further 14 sites, which will be protected in the same way in 2022.