The humble potato chip hasn’t changed in decades. With Golden Grounds, Lay’s and TBWA\Chiat\Day NY found a way to add an extra ingredient to that timeless recipe that celebrates the loyalty NFL fans have for their team through thick and thin. We took soil from NFL home grounds and cultivated it into team-specific plots in a potato field. From there, we harvested, peeled, sliced and fried the chips, packing them into bags that showed which team’s soil those delicious chips had come from. 

NFL legend Jerry Rice launched the limited run of chips during the NFL playoffs, when fans were at the peak of their NFL season journey with their teams. Fans had a chance to win a bag by entering to win on Twitter, showing Lay’s the strength of their fandom. Golden Grounds received 1.9 billion impressions, reached more than 130 million people on Twitter, and had the most engaging tweet in Lay’s history.


Golden Grounds delivered massive success against both business and marketing objectives. The campaign contributed to 10% growth in YoY sales, proving that Golden Grounds engagement converted conversation into purchase. 

Along with driving sales, Golden Grounds pulled Lay’s to the top of the timeline. The campaign generated 1.9B total PR impressions, 140.7M potential social impressions, and 18.5K branded mentions. The campaign mobilized enthusiastic NFL fans and yielded the most engaging tweet in Lay’s history.