Menstrual hygiene brand, Always led a survey and discovered that 1 out of every 4 girls misses out on key experiences in school due to the lack of access to period supplies. With this shocking result at hand, Always knew that something had to be done. But there was one major challenge: only 15% of the Brazilian Legislative Power is represented by women, which translates into a low number of law approvals aimed at this demographic.

So the brand launched the #GirlHelpsGirl Campaign: a movement consisting of female voices thought out to eliminate Period Poverty in Brazil through actions that provided visibility to the topic. The brand raised funds for the free distribution of menstrual supplies in schools and sent the research’s shocking results to policymakers. In addition, Always disclosed the research to the mass press, produced a manifesto with the main names of the squad and started a movement that donated 3 million menstrual supplies.


In less than a year, the campaign increased mentions of the topic by 843% in the media. Ten Brazilians states approved laws for free distribution of menstrual supplies and on March 11th, 2022, the campaign achieved its ultimate goal when a national law was enacted. The new law ensures the free distribution of menstrual pads in public schools, directly impacting 5.6 Million girls.