Skyline that show's the Eiffel Tower poking through the clouds

Elegance is a Journey

Air France



This campaign film is a metaphor for flight. Air France carries the French elegance higher than ever in order to offer the best to its passengers.

The Challenge

We strived to create a campaign that encapsulates the elegance of France through the services that Air France provides to its customers.

The Solution

We created a film that depicts the ascent of a strong-willed woman climbing the Eiffel Tower in a striking red dress with a long train – an elegant allegory for the airline.

As she makes her way up, each turn symbolizes the incredible services and qualities that Air France offers.

When she finally reaches the top, she crosses an imaginary sea of enchanting clouds, evoking the special moment one can only experience on board a plane.

The Results

One year after the first broadcast, consideration rose by an average of 6 points in our nine key markets (+10 in the US), and awareness 4 points (+7 in the US).


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