Even if Corona is known for being enjoyed “always with a lime,” not everyone remembers to pair the citrus with their beer. That’s why we helped the brand change its bottle design for the first time in Corona’s almost century-long history, so no one forgets to enjoy their Corona with a squeeze of lime.

The new bottle, designed in partnership with Paraguayan agency Oniria\TBWA, features the laser-engraved image of a lime on the neck. The engraving process was rigorously overseen to ensure the quality of each bottle stays intact.

420,000 corona long neck bottles were engraved and released in a special edition six-pack. The illustration style inspired the art direction of the wider campaign, making the lime the star of a 4 months campaign with OOH, social media, programmatic, Youtube and merchandising executions. As a result, the “always with a lime” message traveled far beyond the bottle.


  • All special edition bottles sold out
  • Social media mentions grew +216%
  • Positive sentiment grew 80%