Colors of Love




When the rainbow flag was banned by Qatari authorities during the 2022 Football World Cup, Pantone and Stop Homophobie hijacked the ban to create “Colors of Love,” a version of the rainbow flag whose colors have been replaced by their corresponding Pantone code. 

The Challenge

As the 2022 FIFA World Cup approached, it was officially announced that Qatar would ban the rainbow flag on its territory. In the face of this injustice, which victimizes the LGBTQ+ community, the French association Stop Homophobia – a group that fights against homophobia worldwide – collaborated with the international brand Pantone to take action.

The Solution

We revised the LGBTQ+ flag by replacing its colors with their respective Pantone codes as a means of circumventing the prohibition and displaying the flag during the World Cup in Qatar. This provided community members with the opportunity to openly showcase their colors by waving the flag or wearing the Colors of Love shirt, without drawing the attention of Qatari authorities.

The initiative not only provided a workaround for the ban, but also brought attention to the issue through the support of influencers and journalists promoting the campaign.

The Results

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Thanks to the campaign, the Mayor of Paris, Anne Hidalgo, sent a personal letter to the charity to express her support and thank them for the fight they have been leading for years. The partnership created a powerful and positive impact on both organizations for their image and the values they defend.


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