As a part of its community engagement initiatives as the official European Green Capital 2021, The City of Lahti wanted to find new ways for locals to go into nature. The city took on a topical issue and provided a third option to working from home or returning to the office: working really remotely from the local wilderness.  

With workstations designed for Lahti’s forests and created out of sustainable local wood, the city provided locals a way to explore new ways of working while experiencing the wellness boost time spent in nature can offer. The workstations were designed to be ergonomic and usable, and to blend into the nature and leave no trace in their surroundings when removed. The idea was to provide local residents with a genuine service, while creating an interesting story about the way the city embraces its natural surroundings for the world’s media. 


Workstations were placed in five parks and forests in and around Lahti, from urban parks to remote wilderness. The workstations got 324 mentions in design and news media and reached 166 million people (Meltwater). The media hits included top outlets like Fast Company and GQ, earning visibility to Lahti’s sustainable design cluster and design school. The stories successfully highlighted Lahti’s closeness to nature and its position as a remote work hub and commuter city just an hour from Finland’s capital.