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ALDI fits with modern lives: simplicity, pragmatism and common sense. This campaign uses the timeless story of Cinderella to help ALDI reinvent the way its values are perceived by the public.

The Challenge

ALDI is the inventor of the discount. But its first advertising campaign in France didn’t happen until 2019, and its media investments remained low compared to competitors.

As a result, its lack of notoriety and weak brand love resulted in ALDI being perceived as the “discount for poor people”.

The Solution

In a modern re-telling of the story Cinderella, a young man loses sight of a woman he’s fallen for, having only her shoe left as a clue to her identity.

After a surprising revelation comes to light, the traditional ending is scrapped for a new one, with the help of ALDI of course.

The campaign depicts that, just like this modern version of Cinderella, ALDI has adapted to fit its new consumers.



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