A private jet flying over a coral reef

Ban the Private Jets




TBWA\Paris and Greenpeace put company executives under the spotlight for their hypocritical transportation choices when flying to Davos 2023 to discuss the climate crisis.

The Challenge

On their way to Davos 2023 to discuss climate inequality, many lobbyists, corporate bosses, and political leaders used ultra-polluting private jets.

We wanted to show the world their ecological hypocrisy and launch a bigger movement to ban private jets.

The Solution

Researchers found that private jet flights to and from Davos during the World Economic Forum in 2022 caused a total of 9,700 tons of CO2. That is equivalent to the emissions of about 350,000 average cars in a week.

We asked several press photographers for the authorization to use their existing work, as they pictured perfectly the climate disasters we wanted to show. Then, we photoshopped a 3D private jet into the pictures, making our point abundantly clear: “We live on the same planet, but not in the same world”.

The Results

Media Hits Online across 6 continents
Potential Audience Reach
Countries Published the Campaign

#BanPrivateJets was the top hashtag related to Davos.


Wide Awake

Images of media where workers are drinking McDonald's coffee