AUF Equality Cup trophy

AUF Equality Cup

Uruguayan Football Association & McDonald’s



The first official competition in sports history that sums up the score of the women’s football league and the score of the men’s football league, to determine the winning team.

The Challenge

While men’s football in Uruguay and around the world has great coverage in media, sponsors, and massive support from fans, women’s football continues to be in the shadows.

How can we provide women’s football leagues in Uruguay with
the same resources, media coverage and fan support as men’s football, in order to end gender inequality and support the professionalization of women’s football in Uruguay?

The AUF Equality Cup seeks to change this by promoting greater visibility of the women’s championship, and understanding this as the first step to break barriers and promote equal opportunities for players, regardless of their gender.

The Solution

Together with the Uruguayan Football Association (AUF), McDonald’s Uruguay and Cámara\TBWA created the AUF Equality Cup.

The first official sports competition in history that sums up the score of the women’s and mens’ football leagues to determine the overall winning team. Simply by adding tables, a new league was created without affecting the independent development of both competitions.

Match by match, the Equality League table was followed by journalists and fans. In the end, a special trophy was created and awarded to the winning team by the Vice President of the Republic of Uruguay herself.

The Results

Positive Sentiment on Social Media

Women’s football in Uruguay has now become a model in the region. For the first time in the history of women’s football in Uruguay, the matches are broadcast on television. Players from both men’s and women’s leagues showed their support on social media. The women’s championship not only gained more visibility, but also more attendance in stadiums and better ticket sales thanks to media coverage.

The AUF Equality Cup has sparked interest among fans and clubs to add a new title, thus achieving greater awareness, and as a result, greater support from institutions and brands for women’s football. McDonald’s and AUF invite all sports confederations and associations to replicate the initiative to fight inequality in all sports, not just football.


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