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With the latest update of the General Data Protection Law (GDLP), people are constantly asked to “accept cookies” so that they can browse the internet. What if Piraquê, a brand that prides itself on originality, turned this boring moment into something fun and original, delivering real cookies for the first time to people who click on the “Accept Real Cookies” button?

The Challenge

Let’s be honest, nobody likes the interruption of a cookie policy when they are browsing the internet. But with the latest update of GDPR policies, cookie prompts are following us everywhere.

When Piraquê, the most original biscuit brand in Brazil, needed to launch its new cookies in a way as unique as its brand, it decided to do something about this phenomenon.

The Solution

Lew’Lara\TBWA helped Piraquê offer internet users real cookies when they browsed online. To do this, they redesigned the cookie policy page of Brazil’s largest news portal. With the addition of a simple button that gave out samples of the product, this unavoidable pop-up was turned into a joyful media format, distributing real cookies for free to everyone who clicked on the “Accept Real Cookies” button.

The Results

Click through rate
Lead subscriptions
Cookies delivered

With very low investment, the campaign was able to boost the Piraquê brand through Brazil’s largest delivery service, outperforming its competitors in sales through this channel for the first time.


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