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Accelerating Zero

Standard Chartered



Using CGI, this film blends the current harsh realities of carbon intensive industries with surreal glimpses of hope for a better future that’s to come as Standard Chartered works with clients to transition to more sustainable operations.

The Challenge

Social and environmental crises have plagued our world for decades.

Standard Chartered has always positioned itself as a brand that uplifts and enables positive change, focusing on the way forward, rather than dwelling on bleak and negative problems.

In keeping with this belief, the task was to create a film that communicates the brand’s CSR efforts in a way that was both uplifting and hopeful, but didn’t shy away from the gravity of the situation.

The Solution

People are less likely to want to invest in a future that seems far away, even if that future is a positive one. They are much more likely to resonate emotionally with impact that feels more immediate and tangible. So, instead of luring audiences in with an overly optimistic vision of a perfect future, we decided to weave in brief glimpses of a beautiful future with our less-than-perfect, present-day reality.  

Using CGI, we crafted scenarios that didn’t seem completely fantastical, yet were embedded with moments of magical surrealism. We incorporated a balance between scenes rooted in reality and beautiful glimpses of a more hopeful future, one that Standard Chartered is helping to build.

The Results

CNN Ad Recall vs 39% Benchmark
Ad Recall on LinkedIn for Brand Lift
Viewing Rate vs 37% in Previous Years

People exposed to the campaign were 18% more likely to consider SC as a Bank. The brand’s sustainability statements also increased tremendously and, in some cases, doubled.


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