For decades, in the male-dominated field of science, many female scientists have had to witness their achievements being attributed to their male colleagues. Because of this many women have often been omitted from Nobel Prizes. Their recognition withheld is recognition denied. Furthermore, in 2021, none of the Nobel Prizes in Science went to women, thus widening the gender gap. Overall, fewer than three percent of Nobel science winners are women, and only one woman of color has ever received the award.

On the United Nations’ International Day of Women and Girls in Science, TBWA\RAAD and The Womanity Foundation used technology to bring forgotten female scientists back to life and create their very ‘Noble’, not Nobel, speeches.

Traditional deep-face algorithms need a large data set of sources in order to replace a target with success. Using the selected scientists’ available photos, the team was able to recreate the women’s faces in CGI. Then, the resulting 3D faces were interpolated into the algorithm, developing face replacements from only one source image. For the speeches to sound as authentic as possible, the scientists’ own words and quotes were used, extracted from press articles, interviews, notes, books, and academic work.

The campaign is supported by two videos presenting the two women scientists giving their speeches, a “Making of Film,” and a microsite, where users can find out more about the project and what can be done to tackle gender inequality.


  • Over $1,600,000 of earned media coverage
  • For Womanity, the media coverage helped raise awareness to drive change. And conversation about historical women inspired young girls to also make a difference by pursuing a scientific career.


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