Space for urban gardens is constantly shrinking. Current urban development only makes cities greyer and more polluted – when they urgently need to become greener to stay sustainable. At the same time, nature-starved city dwellers live in cramped environments that seem to have little space for gardens of their own. How can HORNBACH create a positive impact and inspire city residents? With a massive installation that proves that gardens can be anywhere – even where you’d least expect it: on a 1,250 square meter wall in the middle of the city.


The site in Vienna generated more than 150,000 on-site impressions per day and was widely shared on social media, even by local competitors like IKEA Vienna. Additional installations in European cities generated 41.4 million impressions on social media. The entire campaign generated 251 million impressions in total. Afterward, all plants used in the installations were donated to local projects, securing them a permanent place in the city and making a permanent environmental impact on their surrounding.