MINI Warm Place

MINI Korea


The Challenge

The population density in Korea’s capital region has significantly increased from 34% in 1975 to over 50% in 2020, leading to a growing disparity between the Seoul metropolitan area and rural cities. This contributes to economic and social inequalities and accelerates the decline of local populations. Despite the Korean government’s allocation of over 1 trillion won annually to address this issue, progress remains limited.

With a brand identity of “Uplifting Lives,” MINI aimed to launch an international campaign to shed light on the pressing issue of rural depopulation in Korea.

The Solution

Drawing inspiration from the term ‘hot spots’ for places that never see a decrease in visitors, TBWA\Korea developed the ‘Warm Place’ campaign to emphasize the necessity for attention in areas at risk of extinction.

They crafted appealing content specifically designed to draw in visitors in their 20s and 30s residing in the Seoul metropolitan area. First, they used data from the Korea Tourism Organization and identified the county of Gunwi as having the highest possibility of extinction. Next, they selected ten distinctive themes to capture the attention of individuals in their 20s and 30s living in Seoul. Lastly, they structured the campaign so that it contributes to the local economy.

The Results

Views on Youtube
Views on Instagram
Visits to Gunwi
Internet searches for Gunwi

In recognition of its contribution to the economic revitalization of the Gunwi area, TBWA\Korea won the grand prize in the ‘Public Interest Linkage’ category at the Korea ESG Awards.

Encouraged by the positive results of the campaign, MINI Korea has planned to extend the campaign further to address the issue of rural depopulation. Currently, the plan to select a second provincial city is underway, and TBWA\Korea is intensifying their efforts to create an opportunity that changes the perceptions and attitudes of the 2030 generation in Korea.