Immortal Influencer

Immortal Influencer



The Challenge

Humans are social animals with an innate desire for attention. Social media effectively capitalizes on this need, which is why people love joining viral “challenges.”

While some of these challenges are admittedly awesome and a fun way to be a part of something larger than yourself, many social media trends have proven to be dangerous or even deadly. 

The Mannerheim League of Child Welfare is dedicated to promoting happy and secure childhoods for all children, both mentally and physically. To achieve this, they tasked TBWA\Helsinki with offering parents ways that help keep their children safe from potentially lethal social media trends.  

The Solution

MLL and TBWA\Helsinki developed an AI warning system that identifies and alerts parents of emerging social media trends in their area.

They partnered with a family who lost their child, Niilo, to a dangerous trend. Niilo had dreams of becoming a social media influencer, but tragically lost his life when participating in a deadly trend. 

With the consent of Niilo’s family, TBWA\Helsinki transformed his social media profile, making him the campaign’s Immortal Influencer, urging parents to sign up for the Lethal Trends Warning System so that they can be notified when risky trends are detected and prevent their children from similar tragedies.

With Niilo as the face of the campaign, he not only helped TBWA\Helsinki and MLL protect other children, but also fulfilled his dream of becoming an influencer. 

The Results

Site visits on average per month
Media reach
Threats identified
Increase in awareness

A petition demanding social media giants make their platforms safer for children has gathered over 6000 signatures. Niilo’s story video received 180k organic views over 3,000 likes on Instagram. 

The Ministry of Education of Finland is planning to adopt the platform and put it forward to other European countries.