Don't Wait for Luck to Happen

Don’t Wait For Luck to Happen

Dutch State Lottery


The Challenge

The New Year’s Eve Draw provides approximately 20% of the Dutch State Lottery’s annual revenue. As the price per ticket (€30) is not subject to change, the brand needed to simply sell more tickets: a 2.5% increase per year.

In order to break through the December clutter and win the hearts of Dutch citizens, the brand needed to be highly recognizable, distinctive and appealing.

The Solution

What if instead of waiting for luck to strike, you started living like you’ve already won big?

Deciding to “own December” through an inspiring and heartwarming tale, TBWA\NEBOKO connected the Dutch State Lottery with its offering, ultimately creating a new foundation for the brand: ‘€30 million is the second-best prize’.

The Results

The new platform reversed the revenue dip and breathed new life into the New Year’s Eve draw, revitalizing the event from 2018 onwards. 
In 2019, the growth continues, but the real breakthrough was achieved in corona year 2020. Despite a national lockdown, during which we lost 60% of our retail sales points, we saw that the New Year’s Eve Draw had become an even stronger tradition. 
There was a large uptake in people buying tickets online and in supermarkets. They were spending more on tickets, partly due to closed hospitality venues and shops. The revenue target was shattered with 10.1% driving + €17 million in turnover. 
Similar effects happened in 2021, with a partial lock down. Again, we beat our revenue target with 9.3%, pushing the turnover to €158.5 million euros. 
In 2022 we expected a setback in sales, but the opposite was achieved; we surpassed the previous revenue record again while the price per ticket had remained constant. We managed to maintain the high levels we achieved and even up them. 
Every year, we broke our own revenue record. From 2018 to 2022, revenue grew from 138.4 million to 159.7 million.