Dutch State Lottery Believe in Luck

Believe in Luck

Dutch State Lottery


The Challenge

The annual New Year’s Eve draw of State Lottery [Staatsloterij] is a traditional lottery event in the Dutch market. This draw delivers roughly 20% of the brand’s annual sales. A good result is super important, as all proceeds are given back to society, sports, and health organizations. 

The Dutch State Lottery’s key competitor has a similar draw in this period, advertising a 58.9 million jackpot compared to its 30 million. Putting the money prize front and center won’t do the trick. The brand needed to find a deeper emotional connection with its audience to become their first choice. 

The Solution

As in many countries, celebrating New Year’s Eve is a big national tradition. The Dutch come together with friends and family and even ignite their own fireworks in front of their homes. 
As a national and state-owned lottery brand – for almost 300 years – the Dutch State Lottery also aims to be empathetic towards societal sensitivities. Post-COVID and in recession, the uplifting “Believe in Luck” story of deep human connection became an antidote to strong sentiments of polarization and loneliness in society. 

The Results

Tickets sold, breaking the brand’s ticket sales record
Euro turnover in total
In proceeds for the Dutch society, sports, and health organizations
Campaign recognition
Stand-out score
Score on remarkable

The brand’s key emotional driver is to make people dream. The average score on ‘makes me dream’ in the lottery category is 30%. This campaign scored 49%.