mycar Tyre & Auto


The Challenge

Auto technicians and the automotive industry as a whole are among the most mistrusted industries in Australia, often using jargon and technical terms to deliberately confuse rather than clarify.

But mycar Tyre & Auto, one of Australia’s largest tyre and automotive service/repair companies (with over 275 stores nationwide), is committed to putting ‘People First.’

Therefore, they decided to challenge this industry misconception and genuinely assist Australians in becoming more confident when discussing their cars.

The Solution

Introducing Auto-Translate, a web-based mobile tool designed to help people learn car language. Hosted on the mycar site, it translates technical car terminology that consumers often hear into humorous and easy-to-understand analogies.

Created for situations where technical automotive language confuses consumers, users can easily access real-time translation on their phone by talking, typing, or uploading a bill. Google search data informed frequently searched terms, which experts translated into understandable explanations. The tool not only educates and guides customers but also continuously updates with new terms as technology advances, embodying mycar’s “People First” brand promise.

The Results

People reached nationwide
Traffic increase to mycar’s website
Ranked translation service on Google, outranking Google’s own translation service

Thanks to Auto-Translate, mycar now has a customer satisfaction score of 4.84 on an industry average of  3.53. The tool isn’t just for those confused about technical car language; mycar call center operators and staff are now using it to better communicate with customers, positively transforming the way people experience the brand.