1811. A call to the past

1811. A Call to the Past



The Challenge

Personal, the most prominent telco in Paraguay, found that many Paraguayans are uneducated about about key historical events in their country, and although specialists are compiling the nation’s history, their content isn’t reaching a wide audience. 

Furthermore, in Paraguay, 92% of public schools and 50% of private schools lack internet access and public libraries due to limited coverage. Despite this, there are more cell phones than people in the country.

The Solution

Drawing inspiration from widely recognized numbers like 911 for Police or 132 for Firefighters, Oniria\TBWA helped Personal introduce a new number on Independence Day: 1811, commemorating Paraguay’s year of independence.

By dialing *1811 from any Personal phone line, users can access a free telephone line that functions like a podcast without requiring an internet connection, allowing them to listen to episodes about Paraguayan history in both Spanish and Guaraní.

The Results

Calls in just 48 hours
Of Paraguayans listened to at least one episode
Out of 17 national states reached
Of listeners listened completely in Spanish and Guaraní