The spot focuses on the very well-known insight when we are children and see our parents as total superheroes. In this stage of childhood, we see our almighty parents full of superpowers. Further on, in our adolescence, these superpowers are lost, generating a certain distance and disconnection in the relationship. And then, as adults, we reconnect and see them again as superheroes. McDonald’s is presented as a facilitator of the key moments of connection and reconnection.


– Connect with fans and no fans of the brand in an emotional way to make a difference by achieving credibility.

The main medium for generating coverage is TV, which is why we focused here the campaign by broadcasting the 120” spot simultaneously on all the leading group’s channels and the prime time slot, generating expectation, and we continued the campaign with a reduced version of 60”. This was a milestone in the television environment in Spain since there is no brand (and less in the sector) that has planned this sort of lengths in a conventional media plan.