Counterfeits are everywhere. Clothes, bags, shoes, phones, watches, jewelry, movies, and everything in between. But a thing that is commonly counterfeited is something you wouldn’t expect: KFC photos. From the largest cities to the smallest villages across the MENA region, restaurants, corner shops and cafeterias share a very familiar set of photos: KFC’s fried chicken, Zingers, Twisters, etc. And the reality was that there was very little KFC could do about it.

That’s not the worst part. KFC is very proud of their photos. They’re intentionally crafted to be mouthwatering, craveable. Anyone gets tempted by them. However, these photos were being murdered: copied in low resolution, stretched, inverted, distorted, even pixelated beyond recognition. A crime against KFC’s reputation.

If others were going to steal product shots from KFC, well, at least do it properly. Introducing KFC Chicken Stock: an image database filled with delicious drool-worthy chicken for anyone to use by downloading high-resolution KFC photos in all their glory, absolutely free.


KFC’s image bank made over 500+ images available for download. And it worked! 

  • Over 349,000 unique website visits
  • Over 18,000 downloads from the MENA region and beyond (more than 40 countries, including Japan, China, the US, Brazil, France, and even Ukraine)
  • The campaign’s Twitter mentions reached 11,000 in one day.
  • Impact on KFC’s perception was huge as per the results of online community survey: the brand’s “Likeability” increased 24% – a vital metric for a heritage brand.

Meanwhile, zero (yes, zero) photo thieves were arrested, and everyone enjoyed a nice meal. Because good chicken isn’t just about great taste, it’s also about great moments together.