Jeroen Bostoen is a painter and a fly fisher, but also Executive Creative Director at TBWA Brussels. He started his story at agencies like Ogilvy, DDB, LDV, created some great work along the way, gathered those awards, but the most valuable of all: he met great people. When he finally switched to TBWA Brussels, he discovered the strength of the network, decided to stay, and became creative director in 2015. He believes that in our business it’s all about people. Bringing the right people together at the right time is much more powerful and resilient than anything else. Supported and surrounded by talented people he loves to shape, shift and build strong relationships and brands like Telenet, Stella, AB inbev, National lottery, Play Sports, Playstation, VW, Audi, Lotus,… and many more. “We have this incredible power to tell stories. Stories for and about brands. Let’s tell them in a way that inspires people to look at the world differently. Because work that has that kind of potential is by far the best work.”